Cross Keys Limo

I have many occasions to work with different Limo companies. The reason I bring this up in my blog is because, I have had the occasion of working recently with this company and not only are the vehicles beautiful, The drivers are very caring and help out when ever they can. They Naturally Help the Bride and Groom, Family and Bridal Party but they also help the other vendors just to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great day.

You Guys should check them out if you need a Limo or even a car to the airport. Clean & Courteous that's the Cross Keys Way.  CROSS KEYS COACH


The Cross Keys Coach Fleet or some of them

Wedding near The Art Museum In Philadelphia

Fortunately I do Have the honor of photographing weddings and events in different areas of the world. Philadelphia Art Museum/Water Works are in Philadelphia is one of the most interesting. There are so many photo opts every 10 feet, that I can spend days there just taking pictures.

A beautiful backgrounds, great sky and beautiful couple makes some awesome photographs. This is the great formula we look for. 

Mark and Debbie

This is Debbie and Mark standing by the Art Museum waving to their guests. 10 minutes after the ceremony