Astrauskus Family Reunion

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph a family reunion. Well I really didn't photograph the reunion, they hired me to do just 1 family shot. The Astrauskus family with actually over 80 immediate family members, having about 60 or so make it to the actual photo session time. Everyone was great and I really received a very warm welcome.
Pat Brown was my contact at the family reunion and this job was recommended to me by my friend Art Acosta. The Image of the family took me about 4 minutes to set up, record time and I executed 12 shots to hopefully get 1 Images where there is not one blink.
The weather as you can see was on my side, however it was hot, 93% worth, but the sun stayed hidden for the most part behind the clouds.
Its nice to see so many family members participating in a family reunion especially the younger ones. We can see that family is important to them.
Write to me about your family reunion, send me some Photos and I will post them.