Watkins Glen New York Wine and Food Show.

I have the opportunity every year to go to Watkins Glen, New York and Enjoy the Largest Winw and Food show on the East Coast. Over 400 Wineries as well as Jewelry, Crafts, Food Oh my God is there food. We have a blast. The people are full of Energy and are fun to hang around, especially after they been there for a couple of hours and the wine starts coming out.

This year I had the chance to meet up with the festival mascot. Big Dick has been going to this show for over 30 years. Each year, he dons a new hat and people sign the hat.He claims to have collected a hat each year making 30 hats. This is a tall man, I believe about 6"8 and can move a fright train car by himself. Dick has a heart of gold. He greets everyone with a smile and walks the show talking tons of photographs with everyone. He is a staple at the Largest Food and Wine show on the East Coast.

See you there next year.