The Question is "WHY?"

People are always asking me throughout the years that I have been doing Photography “WHY”? Why do I do this? Why do I want to work weekends? Why do I want to work a job that keeps me working 8-10 hours a day? Sometimes non-stop! So here are all the answers to those burning questions.

There is one basic word to summarize this that I can expand on and that word would be “PASSION”. I have been photographing events from the age of 14 years old. I started as an assistant in New York then actually photographed my first event at 16 years old. Once I started on this journey the bug just got into me and has been there ever since. Working weekends is just part of the deal so family and friends knowing I worked weekends made sure to plan way ahead for events and to let me be the first one to know so I could set aside that date. After awhile it all just becomes a way of life.

Then there are the 10 to sometimes 12 hour days. It is funny how time goes by so quickly at the events, the adrenaline starts to flow and the day begins. I get excited working with people and their family and friends it is a true pleasure to capture these moments as a Professional historian.

Pressure comes with the events; however I work well under pressure and actually have a calming and patient way of moving things in the right direction yet at the same time making sure they don’t miss out on their party. I am there to help them stay calm and be in the moment. There is not much I haven’t seen over the years, there are times when a song or a moment reminds me of a reflection of a past event which in turn makes me smile.

Feel free to call me for references or if you need help with other information for your event, I have a great deal of contacts and can steer you in the right direction.

Call me or e-mail me.


Hiring a photographer.. Keys to finding the right one.

Without a doubt, there will be several instances in your life that you feel the need to hire a professional photographer.  Clearly, there are no rules out there on what to look for.  Unlike purchasing something like a new phone, a new appliance or even a house, you surely can’t surf Amazon for the best price.  However, price shopping is what appears to be what most people do for services these days.  Sadly, the market is saturated with “photographers” of all types, skills… some educated and yes, some not so educated. 

You, the consumer, of course are a bit clueless other than you have a budget to go by.  So, you scour the Internet and start out with the phone calling.  Here is basically how it goes:

You:  “Hi, I need to get a price for my parent’s 40th anniversary party.  I want to get some really nice pictures of everyone there.”

Photographer:  “Okay, what have you budgeted?”

You:  “Two hundred dollars”

Photographer:  “I can do that, just let me know when and where.”

The price sounds good to you and you are happy to tell your brothers and sisters that your only task for the party is completed.  Then, the day of the party, the photographer is a no show.  What happened you wonder?

What happened is basically you did not do your homework.  You were price shopping and like most things, you get what you pay for.  In this case, you did not follow the right steps to hiring a qualified person.  If you hired someone to do a roofing job, would you have asked more questions?  Of course!  Having a nice camera does not make you a photographer.  Nor, does it stop even the least qualified to advertise as a photographer. 

So, how do you find out how to hire the right photographer for your special event?

First and foremost, you must find someone that combines their style with your budget.  Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer that whose style you absolutely love if they could maybe done an hour less of coverage to fit into your budget.  You never know unless you ask! 

Don’t hire the photographer you like and then tell him/her that you want this photograph shot like this or that because you saw it on Pinterest.  You hire them for THEIR style, not someone else. 

Define exactly how many hours you need coverage for.  Get something in writing.  Do they have insurance?  Will there be an online gallery for viewing?  How long will reprints take onceyou order?  How much more will retouching be? 

A professional photographer will gladly explain how everything works regarding capturing your event.  Even with a smaller budget, you can get a professional photographer.  Would you rather have great photographs for two hours or crappy out of focus photographs for four hours?  For the ladies…. It’s the equivalent of having a small Chanel handbag than a large glimmer bag from J.C. Penney. 

Like everything, you have to shop wisely and realize that an educated photographer comes with a price.  Your neighbor’s new camera may be beautiful, but it’s not the camera that pushes the button.

Someone's Office

Brianna Moore's Bat Mitzvah



I had the pleasure end honor of photographing Brianna’s Bat Mitzvah just a few months ago. I always enjoy photographing the Moore family this is my second event. I always try to come up with something different every time and have fun with it.

I met the family about 2 weeks prior to the event at the synagogue for temple photographs and the to theMorris Arboretum. This is a wonderful place to do family photographs. Walking around the scenery changes every 10 feet. The party was at the        Radnor Country club and they did a great job as usual. The family lives in Lafayette hill and Andrew (Dad) has a law firm in the Elkins Park area. Andrew Moore and Associates.  I have published a few photographs here for you to look at.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One of my major strong points that i actually insist on with my brides is that they have a hair and make up trial. Even if they are going to have their hair styled the the way they wear it all the time, The trial hair and make up appointment still needs to be done. Another point I insist on is, right after the bride has her trial, she should have someone take pictures.It does not have to be a professional photographer, it could be a friend, Brides Maid, Dad or even the make up or hair person. You then need to print them out. Look at the Pictures and Tweak your hair and make up from the picture to the exact way you like it. Do not be scared to have a second trial done. Please make sure you are happy with your hair and Make up. Do not use the mirror to tweak your hair and make up, the mirror lies and does not always show the truth. The mirror is very 3 dimensional as opposed to a photograph that's 1 Dimensional.I always recommend good people so give    Bella Angel a call. Victoria will always help you.

Think about it, Makes sense. Any questions please e-mail me or call me.

Longwood Gardens 2017

I had the opportunity this past weekend to spend a couple of hours in Longwood Gardens. There is nothing more relaxing. We walked thru the arboretum and every time I go, there is always something new. Over the years I have done many session in Longwood Gardens and as I mentioned there is always something to learn.

Longwood Gardens opened the new Fountain exhibit this past spring and offered a wonderful water show.  We didn’t get a chance to spend as much time as we would have liked but the time we did spend was well worth it.

Pierce du-Pont had his heart and sole into his gardens when he developed these wonderful acres. We can feel the essence of his presence as you close your eyes standing in the gardens and feeling the breeze fall over your face.

t was the family homestead of the Peirce family until 1905 and then became the weekend residence of Pierre du Pont from 1906 until his death in 1954.

I posted some photographs of Longwood Gardens. I hope this will encourage you to make a visit and enjoy the wonderful acres. I also love the Bonsai Trees that are there. A definite must see.

BTW, Holiday time in December is just something wonderful to see. If you need family Photographs at Longwood Gardens I am available.

Astrauskus Family Reunion

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph a family reunion. Well I really didn't photograph the reunion, they hired me to do just 1 family shot. The Astrauskus family with actually over 80 immediate family members, having about 60 or so make it to the actual photo session time. Everyone was great and I really received a very warm welcome.
Pat Brown was my contact at the family reunion and this job was recommended to me by my friend Art Acosta. The Image of the family took me about 4 minutes to set up, record time and I executed 12 shots to hopefully get 1 Images where there is not one blink.
The weather as you can see was on my side, however it was hot, 93% worth, but the sun stayed hidden for the most part behind the clouds.
Its nice to see so many family members participating in a family reunion especially the younger ones. We can see that family is important to them.
Write to me about your family reunion, send me some Photos and I will post them.

Watkins Glen New York Wine and Food Show.

I have the opportunity every year to go to Watkins Glen, New York and Enjoy the Largest Winw and Food show on the East Coast. Over 400 Wineries as well as Jewelry, Crafts, Food Oh my God is there food. We have a blast. The people are full of Energy and are fun to hang around, especially after they been there for a couple of hours and the wine starts coming out.

This year I had the chance to meet up with the festival mascot. Big Dick has been going to this show for over 30 years. Each year, he dons a new hat and people sign the hat.He claims to have collected a hat each year making 30 hats. This is a tall man, I believe about 6"8 and can move a fright train car by himself. Dick has a heart of gold. He greets everyone with a smile and walks the show talking tons of photographs with everyone. He is a staple at the Largest Food and Wine show on the East Coast.

See you there next year.

Cross Keys Limo

I have many occasions to work with different Limo companies. The reason I bring this up in my blog is because, I have had the occasion of working recently with this company and not only are the vehicles beautiful, The drivers are very caring and help out when ever they can. They Naturally Help the Bride and Groom, Family and Bridal Party but they also help the other vendors just to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great day.

You Guys should check them out if you need a Limo or even a car to the airport. Clean & Courteous that's the Cross Keys Way.  CROSS KEYS COACH


The Cross Keys Coach Fleet or some of them

Wedding near The Art Museum In Philadelphia

Fortunately I do Have the honor of photographing weddings and events in different areas of the world. Philadelphia Art Museum/Water Works are in Philadelphia is one of the most interesting. There are so many photo opts every 10 feet, that I can spend days there just taking pictures.

A beautiful backgrounds, great sky and beautiful couple makes some awesome photographs. This is the great formula we look for. 

Mark and Debbie

This is Debbie and Mark standing by the Art Museum waving to their guests. 10 minutes after the ceremony